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Dockside Dining and Live Music with a Million Dollar View at Bert's Bar & Grill
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Bert's Bar is composed of two buildings. The original building was the bar near the road. It was built in the 30's as a "sweet shoppe". Then in 1941 the "hotel" building was built. It consisted of eight sleeping rooms. During WWII, army bases were set up at Page Field and many of the soldiers would come out for a weekend to Matlacha to go fishing off the "fishingest bridge in Florida" at Matlacha Pass. They became regular customers of the hotel and bar.  Stories  abound that  the hotel had the reputation of "ill repute" and ladies of the night. Imagine that...

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Red F.I.S.H Challenge!

Bert's Bar and Grill will host the 7th Annual Bert's Redfish Challenge charity fishing tournament to benefit Pine Island F.I.S.H. (Fellow Islanders Sending He...

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Deb & The Dynamics keeps the blues coming

"All right!" Deb Biela says with a grin. "Let's play the blues!"And that's exactly what she and her band does on this recent Thursday night: Churning out high-e...

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Boston Globe

Grab a cold one at Bert's Bar, where you can sample the best smoked smelt in all of Lee County!  ...

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The News-Press- Bert's Bar and Grill a legend with million-dollar view

Bert's Bar and Grill in Matlacha is a different kind of place and a mainstay in the community. It boasts eye-widening tales from the past, but it also can keep ...

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Top 10 Coastal Inns-

Bert's Bar & Grill in Matlacha, an inset towards the mainland, features tasty seafood, live music and dockside dining! ...

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The Boston Globe

Accessible by causeway from Cape Coral, Pine Island is a place where people earn their livings fishing and farming. At 17 miles long and averaging 2 miles wid...

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PriceLine's Travel Guide

Overlooking Matlacha Pass, Bert's enjoys a view that makes folks visiting Pine Island for the first time green with envy. Of course, the so-called "million do...

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Miami Herald

High fives for funk, seafood and friendly spirits Enough with the ''best beaches in Florida'' rankings? Who hasn't rated them? Top restaurants? Finest hotels?...

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Travel Magazine

Set Your Watch to Island Time
“In a place like Matlacha, what you see is what you get,” says Osi McCarney, who with husband Steve owns the Bridge Water ...

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Southern Living

For years Lee County’s coastlines and barrier islands have drawn visitors to the southern end of Florida’s Gulf Coast. You’ve probably walked the beauti...

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Florida Travel+Life

A pipsqueak of a fishing village, Matlacha is home to bait shops, quirky cottages, art galleries — and Bert's Bar & Grill. Nothin' fancy about this wate...

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Florida Barometer

Plenty of coastal Florida communities brag about operating on Island time...but Matlacha on Pine Island raises slow living to...

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Coastal Living

Just past the Island Time Zone road sign, the tiny town of Matlacha (MAT-luh-shay)- an islet west of Fort Myers – welcomes visitors with art galleries and sho...

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